Java Library For Twilio Wrapper


There's one primary class named TwilioWrapperLibrary that wraps all major functions, and one builder class named TwilioWrapperLibraryBuilder that is a utility class to build the library object.


TwilioWrapperLibrary library = new TwilioWrapperLibraryBuilder()

      .twilio(twilio_account_sid, twilio_account_token, twilio_phone_number)

      .thinQ(thinQ_id, thinQ_token)


Configuration Parameters

  • twilio_account_sid:

You can get Twilio account sid from your Twilio account dashboard.

  • twilio_account_token:

You can get Twilio account token from your Twilio account dashboard.

  • thinQ_id:

ThinQ id that you recenved when you sigend up

  • thinQ_token:

ThinQ token that you recenved when you sigend up

Initiate a call to the thinQ line

    String result =, to);

Return Value: Proper twilio call Sid if success, or relevant error message otherwise.

Quick Start Guide

Here's a simple demo code.

import com.twilio.thinq.TwilioWrapperLibrary;

import com.twilio.thinq.TwilioWrapperLibraryBuilder;

public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] agrgs){

        TwilioWrapperLibrary library = new TwilioWrapperLibraryBuilder()

                // twilio account sid, account token, registered twilio phone number
                .twilio("ACa5a21802beff96f147d40bf98c957038", "7852c807435af28d468344ca57a49d2a")

                // set thinQ details
                .thinQ("11001", "0c82a54f22f775a3ed8b97b2dea74036")

                // wrap and build the library

        String result ="1234567890", "9876543210"); //return value is call sid if success, otherwise error message.

        System.out.println("result: " + result);



Source code is on @github.